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Lucy's Story

Lucy is 9 years old and has Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder.  Lucy is profoundly disabled and reliant on others in all aspects of her life.  She is a permanent wheelchair user.


Lucy’s mum, Dawn, first heard of Our House through its Founder, Jane Holmes. “Jane and I met at a joint fundraising event when she was trying to raise funds to realise her vision of having a place in Wokingham Borough where disabled children and their families could attend.  It was fantastic to see her plans develop in to an actual building and then see it finally open its door for families to come and enjoy.”


Lucy has attended the monthly Saturday clubs and enjoyed all the different kinds of activities there.  Her family have also come along to a really useful physiotherapy session, which ran during school holidays.  


Dawn says, “At home, we refer to the Saturday Club as ‘L’s club’, in the hope that she grows to realise it’s a special place for her to go and just ‘be’ and enjoy.  L also suffers with anxiety as part of her disorder, so having somewhere that she can feel safe and secure in is very important for her.


We’re so lucky to have a facility like this available to us in the local area.  Knowing that we can just come along and not have to worry about whether changing facilities will be suitable (as opposed to having to change her on a disabled toilet floor), not have to worry if she’s having an off day and needs a bit of space or quiet, and relax knowing most of those around us are in the same boat is a huge comfort and invaluable.


The other important factor is that we are always made to feel so welcome and remembered whenever we come.”


Lucy has a brother who usually attends the Saturday club with her.  He loves the place and sometimes gets to mix with other siblings too which is great.


“We hired Our House for L’s birthday party last year.  It was absolutely perfect, and she had such a lovely time.  It was the first proper birthday party she’d ever had and we’re so glad we did it there as she was able to invite all her friends, some of which are also wheelchair users.  We hired in an entertainer and the space worked perfectly for her fun and games and for us to put out some food.  Will definitely use again in the future.”


*names have been changed