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BFTF Plus.

Building for the Future launched BFTF Plus in June 2021 to support young, local, disabled adults who have left school or college in working towards achieving their ambitions. 
We run regular workshops and social events – see our Facebook page for more:
We also give individual advice and support for young people who want to access work, education and cultural opportunities.

BFTF Plus Pub crawl

We visited some of Wokingham’s pubs and bars. A good time was had by all!

To join us on one of our social events, keep an eye on the Facebook page or contact​

We're always open to new ideas, so if you know a cool venue or there's something you've been dying to try, just let us know!

May 2024 Local Elections

Local councillors Andy Croy (Lab), Phil Cunnington (Con) and David Hare (LibDem) joined us in April to talk about what their parties are offering ahead of the local council elections. We had a good, constructive discussion and everybody learned a lot about how the council works and about young people’s needs and interests.
We will be attending the council’s Social Care Future consultation meetings (

BFTF Plus Launch event

Watch the launch of Building for the Future Plus at our new office in Twyford on June 24th 2021.

Jane introduces Borough Mayor Keith Baker and the Right Honourable Theresa May MP.

Why do we need it?

Though there is support for some young people with disabilities from various agencies, as parents of disabled children and young people ourselves, we recognise that more can be done.  We are well aware of what our children need, as are they, but often there are barriers in place which prevent lone families from finding the right opportunities or breaking into organisations which might help. We have spoken to many families who have found that once their children leave school or college, there is very little for them. This not only results in the young person feeling adrift and unfulfilled, but leaves parents and carers feeling frustrated and worried too.  There are many local organisations which are only too keen to work with young people with disabilities and so there is also a need to enable those organisations to do so by educating, reassuring, supporting and encouraging them.

What do we hope to achieve?

Building for the Future has been operating in this area for almost fifteen years and has built up not only a great reputation, but a wealth of contacts. We are confident that we can make progress and create opportunities for young disabled people to achieve their ambitions.

We will not provide care as we believe that is the responsibility of the statutory service providers, but we will use our experience and contacts to source opportunities to help young people achieve their aims.

We are already in talks with drama leaders and sports groups and plan to facilitate social groups in our area by putting young people in touch with each other and setting up a buddy scheme with local sixth form groups. Where appropriate, we will also set up mentoring opportunities with local businesses and work experience which may in turn lead to employment.  Building for the Future’s overarching aim has always been to raise the profile of disabled children in our community. Through Building for the Future Plus, we will continue this by extending the service to young disabled adults.

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