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Twyford Village Tree Switch-on Raises Money for BFTF

The village of Twyford had it’s official tree lighting ceremony on Sunday November 27th with the ‘lighting up’ honour bestowed to the Rt Hon Theresa May MP.

The beautifully decorated tree, adorned with handwritten ‘wishes’ from local schoolchildren, is situated at Bell Corner, immediately in front of the Building for the Future Plus office.

Tree sponsor Amy Goodall-Smith, of Goodall-Smith Wealth Management gifted the tree to the village and organised the evening which was attended by hundreds of villagers who enjoyed carols, mince pies and mulled wine.

£180 was raised that evening and donated to Building for the Future.

Thank you to Amy Goodall-Smith and all who attended.

The tree is absolutely fabulous and is easily accessible. Come and take a look at all the sweet wishes for ‘world peace’ and ‘an end to Covid’ written by the children and then pop in and say hi to us in the Building for the Future Plus office!

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